Monday, November 21, 2011

Giving thanks

Historical Collections & Archives will be closed this Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday. I'd like to thank those in the campus community and beyond who have gone the extra mile to support HC&A programs:

-- Rich Mullins, M.D. has been mentioned many times on this blog in the past year, mainly for his collaboration with us on our exhibit on M. Lowell Edwards. But I also want to recognize his unflagging support for HC&A and commitment to preserving the history of medicine in Oregon.

-- All the university staff who have helped out with upgrades to security in HC&A space, especially Brad and Joseph from the Lock Shop, and Valerie Fishler from Library Administration. Thank you for understanding our security needs and coming up with creative solutions to keep our collections safe!

-- Matt Simek and Teresa Bergen, respectively the producer and transcriber for the OHSU Oral History Program. Without their energy, reliability and outstanding communication, our oral history program would probably just be a wish list of interviewees and a mountain of untranscribed recordings!

-- Morgen Young of Alder LLC, the consulting historian on the OHSU Diversity Wall project. As well as being an outstanding researcher to work with, Morgen ensured that the Diversity Wall highlighted our collections and represented HC&A as the source for university history.

-- And of course, all the wonderful donors who have given books and archival material for our collections. This year we made important additions to our collections through the generosity of university faculty, alumni and their families, members of the Portland-area medical community, and other health sciences libraries. All of these donors chose HC&A as the new home for their treasures, and we couldn't be more flattered and pleased.

Happy Thanksgiving!