Friday, June 20, 2008

Keynote Lecture tomorrow night!

The keynote lecture for the exhibit Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America's Women Physicians is coming up tomorrow night, 7:00 p.m. in the OHSU Old Library Auditorium on the Marquam Hill campus of OHSU.

The talk, "A Brief History of Women in Medicine," will be given by Sima Desai, M.D. Dr. Desai is associate professor of medicine in the OHSU School of Medicine, Section Chief of the Division of Hospital Medicine, and associate director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program. She received her MD from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in 1994 and completed her residency in Internal Medicine here at OHSU. Her current clinical interest is in hospitalist medicine, which focuses on the care of patients who have been admitted to the inpatient setting. She also has a strong interest in the history of women in medicine, and provides a series of lectures on the topic to first year medical students in the history of medicine courses here at OHSU.

It being a weekend evening, there should be ample parking available behind the Old Library itself.

And, in a nice related development, we have just received some new information on one of our women graduates. Judy Hakin, Curator of Collections at the Anacortes History Museum in Anacortes, WA, contacted us for information on Minnie Bell Burdon, M.D., who graduated from the University of Oregon Medical School in 1908. We had a little bit of biographical information on Minnie, and a class picture from 1908. The Class of 1908 had a remarkable number of women in it--five of 23 graduates--all of whom are shown in the photo. Unfortunately, none of the graduates was identified by name. Judy was able to recognize Minnie, whom we now know is in the second row from the top, second in from the left (image below). Thanks Judy!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's up!: Celebrating exhibit collaborators

The women in medicine opened last night to excellent reviews from attendees. I'd like to take a moment to send a special thanks to Professor Kimberly Jensen and her students at Western Oregon University, who spent the spring term conducting oral history interviews of women physicians in the mid-Valley area. The students have filled two of the cases in the Collins Gallery with photos and text documenting their experience and showcasing the achievements of the women physicians who were interviewed.

The students created a small brochure insert, to identify themselves and thank their supporters:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Exhibit opening reception tonight, and other quick notes

I admit that the combination of exhibit install, the (apparent) demise of the grandmother clock, and the move to a completely new email program here at OHSU has me a bit behind the eight-ball, as it were. So, just some quick notes:

Opening reception tonight:
For those who are in the area, a reminder to come on down to the Central Branch of the Multnomah County Library for the grand opening to the Changing the Face of Medicine exhibit. Opening remarks are at 6:00, and light refreshments will be provided.

New dissertations:
John Erlen's June list of dissertations in the history of science, history of the health sciences, and medical humanities is now available online. (Favorite title so far: Ark of the Possible: The animal world in Merleau-Ponty by David B. Dillard-Wright, PhD.)

A note on email:
If you have emailed us recently and have not received a response, please do try back! There have been periods of downtime and other weirdnesses that have affected some correspondence.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Installation day!

Karen Peterson and a small cadre of dedicated volunteer helpers is down at the Collins Gallery in the Central Branch of the Multnomah County Library today, beginning the installation of our local iteration of the exhibit, Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America's Women Physicians. So, it seems a fitting time to reminisce about the first NLM traveling exhibit on which OHSU Historical Collections & Archives collaborated with Multnomah County Library: Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature.

....Although, apparently, Blogger is having trouble loading images right now. In the meantime, check out our online Frankenstein exhibit site, and enjoy the photos of the exhibit, taken by the professionals in OHSU Medical Photography.

Back to holding down the fort...