Thursday, June 29, 2017

The other Historical Collections & Archives student worker!

by Jaime Bogdash

Hello! My name is Jaime Bogdash and I am one of the student workers in the Historical Collections & Archives department at OHSU. I am fairly new to this position
and the world of archives, but am very excited about the collections and the process of preservation. I am currently a student in the Master’s of Library Science program at Emporia State University in Kansas, but I live and work in Portland. It’s an interesting fact that Oregon does not currently have any programs to earn a Master’s in Library Science, so Emporia State started a Portland-based cohort program where we attend classes partially online and about twice a month have weekend meetings. It’s a nice balance that allows me to work at OHSU to gain practical experience while still having the personal connection of a cohort and in-person classes.

Prior to starting my library program, I completed a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Policy at Portland State University. While working on that degree, I worked as a graduate teaching assistant and learned that I had a passion for helping undergraduate students work on their research and literacy competency skills. My passion for research and university education led me to library science and the archives at OHSU. I am very passionate about local history and providing and organizing artifacts to help others best be able to successfully complete research whether from books, historic collections, or artifacts. In my short time at OHSU, I have already gained a lot of new knowledge and a growing interest in the history of the medical field. I look forward to being able to share on this blog some of the interesting artifacts, stories, and collections we come across in the OHSU archives.

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