Friday, February 26, 2016

New Acquisitions: Oversize materials from Al's Clinic

I'm back!  And it didn't take an entire week either.  I just received some great materials from Al's Clinic--the former Industrial and Immigration Clinic on NW 22nd and Pettygrove.  HC&A Student Assistant, Sylvie Huhn, and I went down to the clinic a few weeks ago and boxed up a wide variety of materials (another blog post in the future, perhaps).  This week I wanted to pass along the visual feast which are these great materials I am about to show off.

Poster:  The Muscular System

Poster: The Skeletal System

First off, we have your standard fair for a clinic; nice illustrations of the inner workings of the human being.  Both in great condition and very detailed.

X-rays . . .

Pregnancy and radiation don't mix.
We found these great posters in the X-ray room (naturally), both are excellent examples of circa 1970s design.  They are in decent condition, with some spotting, missing chunks, and bend lines.

Vision tests

Lastly, we have some vision test charts.  I am not sure if we have anything like that in the archives currently, so they are great additions.

We also got this chart as well.

Vision, humor test?
It appears to be a joke chart, but I was having trouble reading all of it.

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