Friday, November 13, 2015

New Acquisitions: Public Health-related materials

I decided to call this one a new acquisition because I haven't had the time to really dig in and see if I can figure out the exact provenance (who created, or otherwise maintained these items, think: chain of custody) of these materials.  The items were transferred to us from the Department of Public Health and Preventative Medicine (Soon to be a school) and are composed of a variety of materials related to Harold Osterud and William Morton, both previous directors of the department.
Teaching slide
Lecture slide on "Immunity"
The inventory of the collection is as follows:

-Glass lantern slides (primarily teaching, but some potential research on the slides)
-35mm slides with similar content as the glass
-Audio recordings of lectures
-Video recording
-A handful of photographs and 4x5 negatives
-Copies (draft and final) of Physician Manpower in Oregon Data Book (1974)
Obsolete video formats
Audio recording of public health lectures
This is a small collection, but contains some rare gems in both content and formats.  Audio and video formats on reel-to-reel, coupled with glass slides and 35mm slides makes for a visual feast of public health lectures and programs.

A smattering of photos
Physician Manpower in Oregon Data Book
This collection will be accessioned pretty soon, but until then it is still open for research, so just drop us a line with a date and time you would like to visit and we will bring these out for you.

Next week, more new accessions, OR perhaps a little story about a recent adventure in an attic that lead to a materials review in a basement.  Good Time!

Till then,

15 transcripts just added to oral history digital collection!

HC&A student assistant Crystal Rodgers just finished adding 15 more transcripts to our oral history  collection in OHSU Digital Commons! The collection now includes a whopping 104 transcripts.

This latest batch includes interviews with distinguished geneticist Dr. R. Ellen Magenis; beloved dermatologist and activist Dr. Frances J. Storrs; HC&A's own former archivist Karen Peterson; Knight Cancer Institute founding director Dr. Grover Bagby; and many more. We'll continue adding new transcripts as they're processed.

You can also consult our complete list of interviews to see all the participants in this program. Interview transcripts and recordings are still available for checkout from OHSU's Main Library, and DVD copies of interviews are also available for a fee.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

In honor of Veteran's Day: Resources on veterans, World War I and World War II

Cliff Morris, who joined Base Hospital 46 in 1942 after training at UOMS, kisses his bride Irene Ehlers.
The experience of veterans is woven throughout the fabric of OHSU's history. In honor of Veteran's Day, I want to highlight some of our primary sources that concern the experience of those who have served. Our collections are especially rich in materials related to Base Hospital 46 (World War I) and the 46th General Hospital (World War II),  the University of Oregon Medical School's organized contingents of volunteer medical personnel during the wars.

Base Hospital 46 nurses and officers, Camp Lewis, WA, 1918

We have many archival collections that were created by or contain information on OHSU's veterans, including significant holdings of documents and images. Some images have been digitized and are available to peruse via our Digital Collections. In addition, our Oral History program features quite a few stories from veterans among our OHSU faculty and alumni.

Archival collections & manuscripts on Archives West:
Collections with materials on World War I
Collections with materials on World War II

Digitized images:
Digital Collections images of World War I
Digital Collections images of World War II

Library Catalog items:
Base Hospital 46 (World War I)
46th General Hospital (World War II)

Oral histories (search by keyword, such as "World War II"):

46th General Hospital nurses marching in Oran, Algeria, ca. 1942
If you have questions about our holdings, or have specific reference questions related to these materials, email me at or call 503 494-5587 and I'll be happy to act as your guide to these rich resources.