Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Accruals: Donald C. Lowe Photographs

As many of you read in my post Aerials, Aerials,Aerials!!!!, I had recently received a great series of aerials with identification and was thrilled to share the find with our constant readership.  Well, as supreme luck would have it, the donor contacted me to ask if I would like “any more.”  We discussed Donald’s work, what he took pictures of and the years he was active and based on that info I made an appointment to acquire this next set of images.  When they were delivered I was shocked to find a full run of color positive images (opposite of negative images), with associated release statements and signatures.  This is wonderful.  It means not only do we have the images, but we also have the signatures of the people in the images giving permission to use the images in a public manner (for instance, for promotional materials, reports, etc.).  Since some of these images contain views of patients being treated, having those releases is critical to providing open and responsible access to the records.

A view of the slides

The color positive images (NOTE: the little white strips contain release info!)
Not only did I get a lot of positives, but I also received a substantial amount of slides, all numbered and all related to another series of release forms and receipts.  This is like an archival gold mine, in that not only does it include the “good stuff” but it also includes the documentation of its creation, which allows us to more fully understand many aspects of the materials’ conditions for creation.  Having the releases with the images reduces the risk archives take on when providing access to materials that, have over the course of time, lost many supporting documents which cover things like intellectual property rights, reproduction rights and conditions and subject content.  In this collection all of those items, or aspects, were preserved.  This will lead to a very high level of utility, especially in linking subjects with names of innovators and practitioners in various fields, especially useful because Donald shot images for all of the schools and we see that in the spread of topics he covered during his time with OHSU’s predecessor institutions.

Release forms including shoot numbers
I called this an accrual, although *technically* it came in in the same time period as the first few items, ergo it will be one collection with one accession  number (a control number we use to manage assets/materials/collections).  This does highlight the occasional nature of acquisition in archives by which materials are rarely packaged in one shipment with all of the pertinent information, rather they come in fits and starts, sometimes trickling in as they are discovered by the donor or department transferring the materials to us.  Here are some samples of the scanned positive images:

Life Flight

Fluid on the tip of a needle

These materials are available for research, just give us a call and we can provide access!

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