Friday, May 29, 2015

Exhibit Preview: Ophthalmology 1700-1900

Donin Collection books
Next week, we'll be installing our summer exhibit, "Ophthalmology 1700-1900: Celebrating the Collection of Jerry F. Donin, M.D," which will run from June through August 2015 in the OHSU Main Library, 3rd floor of the BICC building. The exhibit honors and showcases the donation of rare ophthalmology texts from Mrs. Jacqueline Donin, from the collection of her late husband Jerry F. Donin, ophthalmologist and rare book collector. Curated by our Head of Historical Collections & Archives Maija Anderson, this is truly going to be a beautiful exhibit: these books are gorgeous in their physical object forms as well as in the many illustrations, diagrams, and examples of typography they contain.  Below is a sneak peek (Look! An ophthalmology pun!) of what we'll be showcasing: 

Beautiful illustrations that look just as likely to have come from space as they do from inside the human body ("Fantastic Voyage," anyone?)...

Illustration from Richard Liebreich's Atlas d'ophthalmoscopie représentant l'état normal et les modifications pathologiques du fond de l'oeil visibles en l'ophthalmoscope, 1870
Illustration "Spectres oculaires" from Maurice Perrin's Traité pratique d'ophthalmoscopie et d'optometrie, 1872
Image of macular degeneration from a 1898 English translation of Otto Haab's Atlas of Ophthalmoscopy: with an Introduction to the Use of the Ophthalmoscope
 ... Made possible through ophthalmologists' use of the ophthalmoscope, several examples of which will be on display as well!

Liebreich ophthalmoscope from the Medical Museum Collection
Illustration from a reprint of Helmholz's Treatise on Physiological Optics

Liebriech ophthalmoscope illustration, John Hulke's Practical Treatise on the Use of the Ophthalmoscope, 1861
Are you intrigued? Stay tuned for more eye candy* from this exhibit here, as well as on Instagram and Twitter - and come see with your own eyes** this summer!

*Sorry everyone, I just can't quit punning!
** Truly, unstoppable.