Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Accessions: Madison Macht Collection on J. E. Dunphy

We recently received a small package from Dr. Madison Macht out of Colorado.  Dr. Macht has provided HC&A in the past with materials on Howard P. Lewis, the first full-time chair of the Department of Medicine, for more information see here.  For this donation, Dr. Macht has sent HC&A a box of materials on J. Englebert Dunphy, a well-known professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and OHSU, later becoming the Chairman of Surgery at the UCSF.

The materials in this collection are primarily oral history transcripts for J. E. Dunphy and F. William Blaisdell, including a CDR copy of each.  In addition, we received several folders of Dunphy publications, biographical and work histories and some of Dunphy's papers which appear to be photocopied correspondence.

Oral History transcripts
Cd-rs and a supplement to Surgery, Feb. 1989
This is great material on the history medicine and medical practice in North America.  One of the most intriguing groups of materials for us are the Personal Papers folder which includes correspondence between Dunphy and colleagues in New York and California as well as a commencement speech written by Dunphy for the University of Oregon Medical School in 1959 entitled "The Duties of the Physician."

Personal papers

The collection is in-house and ready for research.  Contact us through our regular channels for access to these materials.


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For those unable to make it to Friday's lecture, or if you'd like to revisit Jessica Wapner's engaging and lively talk and Dr. Grover Bagby's excellent introduction, we are pleased to share streaming video of the event:

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