Saturday, February 21, 2015

Old Library images in a new library space

Recently, Max and I selected a number of images from our Historical Images Collection to propose for display in the OHSU Library's Graduate Learning Resource Center (LRC), located on the 4th floor of the Collaborative Life Sciences Building. Library administration turned to HC&A to create a display connecting the new library space to the history of the library and of OHSU's Marquam Hill campus.

 Along with three campus aerials spanning the 1920s through the 1990s (you may recall that aerials are, in fact, Max's favorite images!), the display plan includes one photograph from the Old Library that draws some of the library's historical activities into the beautiful new resource center. We will be asking Information and Research Services staff for feedback on the images we have proposed and their final selection will hang in the service desk area. We've narrowed the options down to six (no easy task for such lovers of the Old Library!). 

I'm partial to this gorgeous shot of an old card catalog:
Overhead photo of Old Library card catalog, c. 1940s
We also loved this shot of an old study carrel, which draws the viewer to connect the study spaces of today with the study nooks where previous generations of students camped out:

Study carrel, September 1946
How could we resist a photo that practically shouts, "Research help here"?

Stacking books outside of the Old Library entrance, June 1962
We also included some photographs of students and staff using Old Library spaces such as reading tables and seminar rooms:

Reference activities, 1945
Gathering in Old Library seminar room, c. 1940s
Finally, we just had to include this perennially popular photo of a student with Bertha Hallam, the first librarian of University of Oregon Medical School (1919-1965):
Bertha Hallam and student, c. 1930s
Which image would you choose to represent OHSU Library history in the shiny new LRC space? Stay tuned for the big reveal of the winning selection!

Friday, February 20, 2015

New Accession: Erickson Collection

We recently received an accrual of materials for the Erickson Collection which had initially only contained a doctor's bag and several implements.  The recent addition which came in last Friday was quickly inventoried by Meg Langford and is currently on track for preservation actions.  The materials in the new accrual contain records from 3 generations of health sciences practitioners (dentists and physicians), including early graduation materials, class notes and images from Dr. Charles A. Erickson, articles and drawings from Dr. Russell Erickson, Sr. and a painting of Dr. Russell Erickson, Jr.

One folder I wanted to highlight contained several materials on Dr. Charles A. Erickson.  Pictured above you can see on the left a leather bound Commencement Program from the 1910 graduating class of the Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery, Valparaiso University.  Within we found an obituary for Dr. Charles A. Erickson, an undated photograph of him (upper right) and in the lower right a picture of him and his classmates during an Anatomy lecture.  Erickson is the second from the right.  All of the materials are well worn, but in excellent structural condition.  Please contact us for further information or to set up a research appointment to view the materials.

Till next time,