Friday, November 13, 2015

New Acquisitions: Public Health-related materials

I decided to call this one a new acquisition because I haven't had the time to really dig in and see if I can figure out the exact provenance (who created, or otherwise maintained these items, think: chain of custody) of these materials.  The items were transferred to us from the Department of Public Health and Preventative Medicine (Soon to be a school) and are composed of a variety of materials related to Harold Osterud and William Morton, both previous directors of the department.
Teaching slide
Lecture slide on "Immunity"
The inventory of the collection is as follows:

-Glass lantern slides (primarily teaching, but some potential research on the slides)
-35mm slides with similar content as the glass
-Audio recordings of lectures
-Video recording
-A handful of photographs and 4x5 negatives
-Copies (draft and final) of Physician Manpower in Oregon Data Book (1974)
Obsolete video formats
Audio recording of public health lectures
This is a small collection, but contains some rare gems in both content and formats.  Audio and video formats on reel-to-reel, coupled with glass slides and 35mm slides makes for a visual feast of public health lectures and programs.

A smattering of photos
Physician Manpower in Oregon Data Book
This collection will be accessioned pretty soon, but until then it is still open for research, so just drop us a line with a date and time you would like to visit and we will bring these out for you.

Next week, more new accessions, OR perhaps a little story about a recent adventure in an attic that lead to a materials review in a basement.  Good Time!

Till then,

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