Friday, November 06, 2015

New Accessions: Fred E. Gulick Collection

Dear Readers,
I've got a real special one today.  This recent accession came to us by way of the OHSU Foundation and included a wide variety of materials on Fred E. Gulick.  The reason I say this is special (because all of our collections are very special) is that the materials remind me of an exercise I had in grad school that involved created a finding aid (collection guide) for a group of materials.  The materials indirectly gave you much of the information about the individual (access cards for a certain facility, responses from professors, offers of employment, a time card, etc.), but there were no materials that specifically spelled out what the individual did and who they were in a Wikipedia-style fashion.  With that as a preface, let me introduce you to the Fred E. Gulick Collection.
A letter if news clippings
Based on a webpage from the site for the Pacific Coast Society of Prosthodontics, Fred E. Gulick was a founding member of the society back in 1930 when it was formed by Gulick and a number of his friends.  This happened because at the time dental conventions and conferences were East Coast-centered with the occasional one held in Chicago.
Program for the "Twentieth Anniversary of the Oregon State Board of Health."
Gulick was also a president of the Oregon Dental Association, and attended NPDC for a number of courses.  He was in World War I, and afterwards took up practice in Portland, OR.
Photographs - Military and Academic
There are many other details that can be obtained from a close reading of these records, however for the time being, I am just going to highlight the types of materials you will find here.
Photographs, correspondence and a tiny letter.
A lot of photographs, and great ones too.  Early childhood photos with dates, teenage photos, army photos and various images of Gulick with his associates.  There are some telegrams pasted onto scrapbook paper, matriculation cards for North Pacific Dental College and discharge papers from the army.  The collection also contains ephemera from various organizations Gulick was a member of and some clippings from local newspapers with quotes from Gulick.
Letter from Gulick.
There's only a about .5 feet of records/materials here, but what we have is quality and in excellent condition.  The collection is open for research, as always, just give us a holler and set up an appointment.

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