Friday, October 30, 2015

New Accessions: Nurse-Midwifery Program Records

Who is the blogmaster today with two whole posts?!?!?  Yes, dear readers, I promise and deliver.  For the second installment of New Accessions I bring you images and details from the Nurse-Midwifery Program Records.  These records have been steadily arriving all summer as the Nurse-Midwifery program prepared for the retirement of Carol Howe, C.N.M., D.MN.Sc., F.A.C.N.M., D.P.N.A.P., F.A.A.N., Associate Dean for Practice and Director of the Nurse-Midwifery Program (Carol was also referred to as the "godmother" of midwifery - from the Fall 2015 Emeritus newsletter).  You can find more details about Carol's work in this blog post by Meg Langford.
Useful reference material
Today I am going to give you a brief overview of what can be found in this collection.  The records have come directly from the program and were assembled by Carol Howe before being transferred to the archives.  The records include Meeting Minutes from the mid-90s through 2010, grant records covering the entire period of the program, audio-visual materials (a film and several VHS cassettes), photographs, reference materials and a folder that I was always love to find, titled "Program Hx (history)."  That folder contained a wide variety of articles related to birth, midwifery, women's health and the SON program.
The excellent "Hx" folder!
These materials fit nicely with the Nurse Midwifery Program Image Collection, which is composed of 2 deconstructed scrapbooks documenting the formative years of the program.
Meeting Minutes
More Meeting Minutes
Did I mention that we have Meeting Minutes?
The meeting minutes are valuable because they document and provide evidence for the actions, decisions and work of the program.  This can provide valuable insight into the development of higher education health sciences programs in North America, the development of women's health programs, and the history of women's health and treatment.
The cover speaks for itself

Another excellent reference material
The records are in excellent condition and not only feature a strong amount of textual information, but additionally provide a wide-variety of images including images of midwifery practice in action, images of the program faculty, and images of associated clinics, supporters, and colleagues.

As with all of these collections, they are available for research.  All you need to do is contact us to set up an appointment or drop by on Thursday between noon and 3pm (but do give us a heads-up if you want to see something specific, it helps us prepare).

Well, my blogging fingers are tired, so I'll sign off for this week.  Next week I hope to have either New Accessions articles, event recaps, or maybe I'll pontificate on why digitizing your personal images (think at-home archives, family-archives, etc.) for the sake of space-reduction is a bad idea (I am still a huge proponent of the analog).

Till then, Happy Friday, Happy Halloween, set your clocks back this weekend, and see you next week!


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