Friday, August 07, 2015

New Accessions: Aerials, aerials, aerials!!!!

Happy Friday dear Readers, as we roll towards quitting time this week, I wanted to show a series of images that were sent to me in the mail this week.  The images were taken by Donald C. Lowe of Sandy, OR and deal primarily with aerial views of OHSU in the 1967 through 1975 period.

What treasure lies within these envelopes?

In this packet I received 12 4x6 packets of negatives with a few prints sprinkled here and there. The packets are 4x5" with thumb cuts for easy access to the material therein. Most of the negatives are ~2.5x2.5" and black and white.  We also received a couple of 35mm strip negatives as well.  Another treat is the 2.5x2.5" color negatives, which I'll show off below. 

Samples of the negatives and two prints
The vast majority of these items are aerial images of campus taken from a variety of oblique angles facing northwest, east, south and several close-ups of the former Veteran's Hospital.  There are two negatives that don't fit in with the aerials, one of a meeting of doctors on the School of Dentistry patio, which looks like a copy negative and one of the portrait of W. E. Baird that currently hangs in one of the Fireside rooms in the Old Library / Auditorium--also a copy negative of sorts because it looks as if the portrait was propped up in front of the Old Library on a nice day and then shot with a visible campus background.  Now that I mention it, the close-ups of the parking structure do not necessarily fit in with the aerials, however some of the aerials look centered on the that structure.

Note the clearly visible easel.

Great view with rolling hills in the background.


1971 - Note the First Interstate Building construction in the background

The angle on this one is stunning, especially with the views of the roads cutting across the hillside
Focused on Mackenzie Hall, note the number of small businesses in the neighborhood.
Well, constant reader--thank you for enjoying another installment of "Max Really Likes Aerials."  I'll back next week with some information on newly processed collections, or new accessions.  Until then, remember to scan your negatives with the dull side facing up!*


*Yeah, I spent a while rescanning some obviously backwards aerials.

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