Thursday, July 23, 2015

Meet 1962's Dr. "Marquam"

Did you know that we had our very own comic book hero back in the early 1960s? 

 "Dr. 'Marquam'" starred in his very own comic story in the February 1962 issue of University of Oregon Medical School's publication, "What's Going On," in which readers ride along with the good doctor on his day of work. Amidst concerns about rapidly growing enrollment and its effect on quality instruction, the comic addresses the difficulty in pinning down an average student/teacher ratio at UOMS. The comic makes the case that throughout the day, medical school faculty instructed students in a variety of situations and group sizes.

Dr. Marquam encounters a variety of educational and patient care situations throughout his day. 

The panels also drive home the image of UOMS faculty as committed clinicians and dedicated instructors: Dr. Marquam arrives at 6:45 am, leaves around 5:30 pm, and then comes back to campus to consult on a case at 9:30 pm!

Unsurprisingly, this 1962 representation of a typical clinician and faculty member is as a white middle-aged male (ostensibly married, or at least can spend 10-15 hours in a day on campus without worrying about childcare for a briefly-mentioned son). I would love to see a new 2015 installment of "Dr. Marquam" that updates the archetype to reflect the broad diversity of OHSU faculty while reprising the goal of demonstrating the talent and dedication of our educators!

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