Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Garrison-Morton database now available from!

Wow! The fifth edition of Morton's Medical Bibliography (Garrison-Morton for short, or G-M for shorter) is now freely available as an interactive database, thanks to rare book dealer and scholar Jeremy Norman. This is great news for researchers in medical history, for whom this text is indispensable. As Mr. Norman announces,
"This standard reference work for the history of medicine, biology, and dentistry was originated by Fielding H. Garrison, and expanded and revised through four editions by Leslie T. Morton. It was further revised and expanded by Jeremy M. Norman for the fifth edition. The fifth edition, published in 1991, and the last edition in book form, contained nearly 9000 entries, most of which were annotated. The new revised web version, offered free of charge, incorporates interactive features and other enhancements which significantly improve usability."
I use Garrison-Morton regularly when reviewing book donations and considering purchases. I have an older print edition in my office, which is much the worse for wear. The library has many copies too, of course. However, none ever seemed to be around when I needed them most (in the stacks, in a donor's basement, at home browsing book dealer catalogs). The interactive nature of the online version also makes it easy to browse the 9000 entries. While we're all about print copies when it comes to rare books themselves, it's great to have a free online G-M available for researching them!

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