Friday, March 20, 2015

The Scroll of Nursing Uniform Changes

We received a unique donation this week from one of our allies at the School of Nursing, Elaine Mahoney, RN., MPH., who also served on the Archives Committee at SoN (the SON Archives Collection is at HC&A and open for research).  Elaine has been working on a way to track the changes in nursing uniforms through out the school's history and on Tuesday I was presented with this:
A mysterious scroll?

Elaine and I unwrapped this donation and she explained the resulting tabular data to me.  On the top row of the table we have the year in chronological order, along the side column is the type of uniform (dress, apron, cloak, etc.) and in the boxes are the changes that happened to the uniform during that year.
Example of years with many changes.

Included are notes on acronym usage.
This excellent resource will be housed along with the SON Archives Collection Finding Aid and linked to the textile materials in that collection.  We anticipate the information being extremely useful in several cases, for instance if a patron or colleague has a uniform that we need to date, this chart will go a long way towards helping accomplish this goal.

Meg Langford, HC&A's Public Services Coordinator and I are discussing whether to digitize the document or whether to create a table in Excel so we have something to send distance-patrons-- or both!

A big "Thanks!" to Elaine for creating this information and sharing it with us.

I'll be back next week with more New Accessions.

Till then!

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