Friday, March 06, 2015

New Accessions: State of Oregon - Public Health Reports and Studies

Over the past weekend I had the opportunity to visit a donor at their home and go through some public health-related materials.  We ended up transferring roughly one and a half boxes of materials from his basement to my apartment, whereby I brought them by bus up to the archives on Monday.  Included in the donation are records of the Oregon Public Health Association, materials related to the fluoridation campaign in Oregon, and a few years of Oregon Vital Statistics reports.

Materials packed for travel
During the course of the week I received another package of materials from the same donor.  This time we received a wide variety of public health reports and studies in the areas of maternal and childhood health, teen sexual health, infant health and the prevention of child abuse.
Some of the reports from the Oregon Health Authority
For reference, I am including a rundown of the publications received in the most recent transfer:

Oregon Perinatal Data Book - 2007
Oregon Benchmarks - County Data Book - November 2005
Promotion of Adolescent Mental Health and Prevention of Substance Abuse - September 2000
Babies First! - August 2005
Oregon Child Health 2010 - Data and Resource Guide 
Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan
Oregon Mothers Care
How to Become a Breastfeeding Friendly Mother Employer
Oregon School-based Health Centers Standards for Certification - 2009 Standards
Oregon Teen Pregnancy Prevention - Action Agenda - 2002 Revision
A Healthy Active Oregon: Statewide Physical Activity and Nutrition Plan 2007-2012
Child and Family Health Needs Assessment and Recommendations for Public Health - Summary - June 2000
Working to improve the Health of Oregon's Children, Women and Families - Progress Report - December 2004
Early Childhood Matters
A Safe Place for Newborns
School-based Health Centers: Focusing on our Future - 2001 Statues Report
School-based Health Centers: Accessible Health Care for Youth - 2006 Status Report
School-based Health Centers: Quality Health Care for Kids - 2007 Status Report
Oregon Teen Pregnancy Prevention Action Agenda - Research-based Effective Curricula
Achieving Oregon's Healthy Birth Benchmarks - A Maternity Care Needs Assessment 1994
Turning Point: Collaborating for a New Century in Public Health
Child Care & Education: Building a Firm Foundation for Oregon's Families and Oregon's Economy - 2007
Health Care Counts: Healthier Youth, Stronger Communities - 2008 Status report

More reports!

The records from the Oregon Public Health Association will be processed along with the other materials from the donor, after which a finding aid will be posted on our website.  I am working to bring in the records of OPHA in bulk and will post an update when that is complete.

Till next week!

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