Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Accessions: Pharmacy Department Collection

This week I am happy to announce the transfer of the beginnings of the Pharmacy Department Collection.  I have been meeting with a pharmacist at Doernbecher who has been assembling an historical timeline of the department including major milestones and quotes from current and previous staff.  In addition to the excellent timeline, which is always a useful asset for HC&A, we received a half box of materials related to the work and growth of the Pharmacy Department here at OHSU.

Newsletters, pocket guide and Communication Log
There are currently a wide variety of materials in the budding collection which include newsletters like PostScripts, a copy of the Newsletter of Chinese Pharmacists from 1975, a copy of the Hematopoietic Cell Transplant pocket guide (published by the Northwest Marrow Transplant Program - a collaborative clinical program between Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) and Legacy Health System.  Published in 2001).  On the right is the Communication book used by RPhs (Registered Pharmacists) and Techs at North Pharmacy covering the years 1985-88.  A very interesting look into the daily work of RPhs and Techs.

Comparable Worth Study records, Comparable Worth book, and Medications Management Standards Review 
A very unique set of records are those that came from the Comparable Worth Study.  This study was conducted in the 1980s and focused on the disparity in wage and title between male and female practitioners in pharmacies, nursing and libraries.  The result of the study was the reclassification of  many techs into full Pharmacist positions in order to align title and compensation with duties and responsibilities.  The folder holds several documents pertaining to the study and the results at the Pharmacy Department, including a letter informing of a change in classification.  We also received the book Doing Comparable Worth: Gender, Class, and Pay Equity written by Joan Acker using data from a variety of sources in Oregon.
The Standards Review seen on the right hand side is part of a folder of materials on the use of pharmaceuticals including dosages, dilutions, preferred compounds, etc.

That's only a small taste.  We also received newsletters from OSU College of Pharmacy, some AFSCME Local 328 records and a scrapbook of articles pertaining to the Pharmacy Department.  I'll write another post when we get more materials in the door, until then, if you want to research any of the materials just give us a holler!


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