Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Accession: Multnomah County Division of Public Health

I was showing you, dear readers, our Scroll of Nursing Uniform Changes last week and wanted to bring to your attention some more materials which were donated alongside the scroll.

New publications on nursing, public health and VD clinics.
Above are the publications we received as part of the transfer which include a microfilm index, list of VD clinics, a history of Public Health in Oregon and a Multnomah County Department of Medical Services, Division of Public Health Annual Report from 1967-68.  All in great condition.  We also received a second copy of OPHA proceedings which I am excited to store next to our current copy.  I tend to keep at least two copies of publications that are somewhat more uncommon.
Photos of Public Health workers.
Included in the transfer was a packet of photos from an early 1960s State Board of Health Meeting.  The top photo includes Mike Gleason - County Commissioner, Julie Sheldon--Director of Nursing, County Health, and Dr. Hanson--also related to County Health.  The picture on the lower right contains the same individuals and the one on the lower left includes members of the Oregon State Lab and Dr. Adolph Weinzirl, who was faculty at the University of Oregon Medical School before becoming Chief of the Public Health Department.
Public Health Scrapbook
We received two scrapbooks as part of the deal as well.  These scrapbooks mainly contain newspaper clippings related to public health initiatives and issues in Multnomah County.  While photographing this I noticed one of the articles, let's check it out in closer detail:
Light-bulb moment
Dear readers, you know the faucet handles that are handle-like, long and narrow with an upturned end?  I had always figured that was simply to make grasping the handle easier.  Did you know that it was a public health measure?  According to this article, those handles, as opposed to the knob styled ones, were developed so that folks could turn the water on and off using their wrists or inner forearm.  And here I had thought they were because the knob ones could be hard to turn with wet hands!  You learn something new everyday.
Till next week when I have something "hot" to show you!

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