Thursday, March 05, 2015

Extreme Makeover: History of Medicine Room Edition

Well friends, I am delighted to share our recent History of Medicine Room reconfiguration with you. If you have ever visited us in the HOM Room, you've probably noticed the large free-standing wall that divided the reading room table from the service desk and stacks areas. Removing the wall and rearranging the desk space has been a goal of HC&A for quite some time, and this week, our  our hopes for a more open, inviting space came to fruition!

I managed to snap some pictures of our very own "Extreme Makeover" episode. First, the before:
The wall in question
We were very happy to meet the kind experts from the Facilities carpentry department when they arrived to take the wall down on Tuesday. Everyone in HC&A who was available came to see the wall come down!
The panels are vanquished!
Once the carpenters removed the screws and nails holding the wall together, the pieces came down somewhat easily. 

Luckily, the platform supporting the dividing wall was resting on top of the existing carpet
That was that! Facilities staff carried off the offending wall, which was never to be heard from again. We set right to work in rearranging the public services desk for a more open and welcoming configuration. Within one day, our amazing OHSU Library systems staff moved our staff computer and set up our new computer station for patrons, so we didn't miss a beat with our public services operations! Now that you've seen the "before", who's ready to see some "after"s?
View from the HOM Room entry 
A much more inviting reading room area

Max, Jeff and I moved our c. early 20th century examination table to display
We also placed some items for display in the exhibit case, which will rotate to show off highlights from our collections

"What wall? I don't remember any wall..."
Our new setup has really put a spring in all of our steps, and today it made its first debut when we hosted a tour for the AAUW [American Association of University Women] Tigard chapter! We can't wait to share it with more visitors.

Following Max's lead, I'll close with a reading room "shelfie" of my own! Come see your faithful Public Services Coordinator (me) during Thursday walk-in hours, 12pm-3pm, or contact me ( or 503-494-5587) to make an appointment.
(Hello! Please excuse that awkward floating hand!)


Joel said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person.

Kimberly Jensen said...

Looking forward to the new space and the great new layout. I hope you've kept Bertha Hallam's portrait. It would not be the same to research without her!