Friday, November 21, 2014

A Tour and a Talking Scanner

News from HC&A:

The Portland Emerging Archivists Visit the OHSU Historical Collections & Archives:

On Tuesday evening we hosted the Portland Emerging Archivists group on a tour of the Historical Collections & Archives spaces and exhibits.  PEA members met Department Head Maija Anderson at the lower station for the Aerial Tram and took a ride to Marquam Hill where they were shown the Diversity Wall and the OHSU History Wall on their way to the BICC for a presentation on our current exhibit from Crystal Rodgers, the exhibit curator.

After discussion of the artifacts in the exhibit, we went over to the Old Library where Max and Maija gave short talks on the history of the building and the development of our various programs including the History of Medicine Rare Book Collection, our Oral History Program, our artifacts and a brief discussion of how our archives were started and how the program grew through the years.

The tour continued through our archives stacks and our library closed stacks culminating with a visit to the Pit and the Cage.

Also . . . .

We successfully moved our massive, German book scanner!  On Wednesday morning the long-planned move of the Indus book scanner from the basement to its new home in the Staff Room took place.  The move required the efforts of Larry Ruud our Indus Systems Engineer who flew in from the Midwest, Maija Anderson, Jeff Colby and Max Johnson.  Together, we hoisted the machine onto the cart you see in the image above, moved it to the new room, then moved the massive, purpose-built table, before setting the Indus in its current location.

Below is an image of our new robot overlord, err, the Scanner sitting serenely in its new home.

Did I mention this scanner talks?  It does.  We've had the Indus for approximately five years and according to the log file it has done some 17,000 scans covering rare books, oversize items and newspaper folios.  Even after all those scans and two moves, the scanner calibrated perfectly on the first run. Truly a celebratory moment for all involved!

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