Thursday, October 09, 2014

Doctor or Doctoress?

All of  us here in HC&A have become big fans of a new website from Drexel University College of Medicine's Legacy Center. Doctor or Doctress? presents students and educators with the opportunity to "explore American history through the eyes of women physicians." But this isn't just your garden-variety digital collection!

What's especially unusual and important about the site is that it's aimed at high school students and teachers, rather than the more traditional special collections audiences in higher education. The site content was developed to support national curriculum standards for grades 9-12, and both the content and interactive features are geared towards more structured teaching and learning.

The site is interactive and rich in content, centered around topics such as "A Female Medical Student's Life" and "Early African American Women Physicians." Each topic has a page filled with interpretive features, such as a timeline, discussion questions, and a Google map of important locations. Items from digital collections are selected to support learning objectives for the topic, and are supported by extensive yet approachable interpretive content.

And, of course, we have to point out the topic featuring our own Esther Pohl Lovejoy.
"The American Women's Hospitals and the Fire of Smyrna"  features photographs and manuscripts of Dr. Lovejoy's, contextualized within the broader response to the Greek and Armenian refugee crisis.