Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Harvard Library project shares medical community's reactions to Boston Marathon bombing

A colleague at Harvard passes along this announcement about a library project that may be of interest to our readers. She writes:

"This new project is capturing, digitizing and archiving stories and materials sent to medical professionals who saved countless lives following the Boston Marathon bombing. “Strong Medicine,” run by the History of Medicine at Harvard’s Countway Library, is collecting photographs, cards, oral history and other materials that illustrate the Boston medical community’s experiences following the bombings. Some items already collected include:

  • A moving letter sent from a 10-year-old amputee to patients at Brigham and Women’s who lost limbs.

  • Hand-crocheted blankets that Blankets for Boston sent to patients.

  •  Recorded interviews with medical professionals on what they experienced immediately after the bombing and following.

  • Get well cards from children and classrooms from across MA and the country."

Above: A card collected for the project at Harvard's Countway Library of Medicine.

The project is featured in the Harvard Gazette and the Harvard Library Website. Contact kate_kondayen@harvard.edu for additional information.