Thursday, February 06, 2014

OHSU Oral History Program - New project manager

In my recent post on big changes ahead for HC&A, I completely neglected to mention that our long-running oral history program would also be undergoing a significant transformation! 

We're very lucky to be able to bring aboard Morgen Young of Alder LLC as an independent contractor to manage our oral history program. Through her curation of OHSU's Diversity Wall and our 125th anniversary exhibit, Morgen has gained a deep knowledge of OHSU history. She also brings professional experience with oral history project management through her work on Alaskan native communities, and on Japanese-American farm labor camps.

Morgen's expertise will bring greater efficiency and vision to the production of new interviews, while HC&A staff will now focus on preserving the content and making it accessible online. We are looking forward to working with Morgen on creating terrific new interviews, and finding exciting ways to share them with the public.