Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oregon Historical Quarterly "Regulating Birth" symposium

Our colleagues at Oregon Historical Quarterly are partnering with Professor Christin Hancock at University of Portland to organize a symposium that is likely to be of interest to many of our patrons and readers.

"Regulating Birth" will take place at Oregon Historical Society in fall 2015, but proposals are due this fall - November 30th, to be exact. They are looking for proposals for scholarly presentations that broadly address the regulation of birth. The goal of the symposium is
"to foster the production and public sharing of scholarship that explores themes and questions including, for example: how ideas of morality impact where, when, if, and how women give birth; how changes in scientific understanding (including genetics) affect the medicines, advice, and practices that attend pregnancy and childbirth; how professionalization of the medical field has affected the work, training, and regulation of midwifes and doulas; relationships between citizenship and birth; worker protective legislation (or lack thereof) and connections to women as child-bearers; relationships between religious beliefs and birth practices; impacts of pesticides, herbicides, and other industrial material on pregnancy, birth, and babies; and how experiences of stillbirth, miscarriage, and post-partum depression are regulated."
Scholarship presented at the symposium will form the basis of a special issue of Oregon Historical Quarterly. This promises to be a novel and engaging program that will bring scholarly attention to new areas of the history of health care in Oregon.

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