Monday, November 10, 2014

New Accessions - Yamhill County Medical Society Records and an EKG

The past few weeks have seen some great acquisitions for HC&A and I'd like to share some details on one of them.

Pictured above is the box of records I received from George Barker, M.D. who served as the last secretary/treasurer of the Yamhill County Medical Society.  The records, which are currently unprocessed, cover the dates 1971 to 1998 and include meeting minutes, agenda items, correspondence and some materials related to published works by the membership.  The value in these records stem from their being evidence of how physicians collaborated and grew their professional standings as individuals and group practitioners.  If you are interested in medical societies in Oregon, please also check out our Edith Bolten MacCracken Collection on the History of the Physicians of Jackson County.

In addition to the records, HC&A also acquired the electrocardiogram machine that belonged to Henry D. Barker, the father of George Barker.  The machine comes in a standard wooden case with an overlaying canvas case which has zipper pockets for storing cords and other parts for the device.  The device comes complete with electrodes and wires and is loaded with graphing paper.  The device seems like it is a circa 1940's model and was used by Henry Barker in practice.

Lastly, HC&A is also home to the Henry D. Barker Papers, a 1-box collection of Barker's papers from when he was in the Army Medical Corp and materials related to the Physicians for Social Responsibility.

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