Friday, September 26, 2014

New Accrual for the Kenneth C. Swan Papers

HC&A recently acquired an accrual transfer of materials from the Casey Eye Institute which was added to the Kenneth C. Swan Papers, Accession Number 2007-011.  This latest transfer included a wide variety of glasses from the early 20th-century.  For example, the Annual Illustrated Catalog of Spectacles and Eye Glasses (which we luckily received as part of the accrual) was published in 1903 and contains information on the materials, designs and uses for many of the glasses in the collection.  In addition we received two Schiotz tonometers, one of which came complete with all of the components and the instructions, inspection certificate, and calibration chart.  All pictured below:

Next up is an artifact from the accrual that I think is just plain excellent.  Listed in the above-mentioned catalog, this is the “Side Light Spectacle,” according to the catalog they are the “glasses your grandfather wore.”  The description reads as such “Containing four horse shoe shaped lenses, blue or smoke—close joints.”  They come in Steel of Fine Steel.  I especially like the swinging side lenses, the wire thin bows and metal carrying case.

Special thanks goes out to Nancy Gregor who ensured that HC&A received these materials prior to her retirement.

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