Thursday, September 26, 2013

OHSU Oral History Program update

Above is a behind-the-scenes peek at our oral history interview session earlier this week. Working from a lovely meeting room on the Southern Oregon University campus, we recorded interviews with Betty Haugen and Rosalie Caffrey, two retired faculty members from the School of Nursing's Ashland campus. They were interviewed, respectively, by Kathleen Bennett and Donna Markle, also of the Ashland program. Many thanks are also due to video producers Matt Simek and Ralph Cunningham, and to Ashland campus Associate Dean Joanne Noone for arranging the facilities and rallying all the participants.

Each interview will result in an edited DVD and a transcript, which will be available for checkout from the Main Library. The interviews will be an important part of the Ashland program's current efforts to document their history. Copies will also be retained in the archives of Southern Oregon University, acknowledging the ongoing link between OHSU and SOU in developing the nursing program.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New in the DRL: Ella Dearborn's spoon collection

We often get reference questions that have nothing to do with the health sciences or OHSU. Often, the connection to our collections is an interest or hobby that the researcher shares with someone in our history. Take, for example, Dr. Ella K. Dearborn. A prominent Portland doctor in the early twentieth century, she is best-known to many as the owner of what was once considered the largest spoon collection in the world:

We've received many requests over the years for photographs of Dr. Dearborn's spoon collection, and now have this donated image available to share in the Digital Resources Library.