Friday, September 06, 2013

Service changes starting September 9th

We're very happy to announce some upcoming service changes that will enhance access to our collections for many of our users.

Our Website provides an overview of services, including a full fee schedule. Here are some highlights:
  • Some fees, including per-item fees for scans and postal mail fees, will be reduced
  • For OHSU employees, we will soon be able to accept payment via FAID/ALIAS
  • We are discontinuing publication fees for academic and non-commercial works (publication requests must still be submitted in writing)    
 The changes will be effective this Monday, September 9th.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

OHSU Library Blog

Our readers off-campus might not know that in addition to HC&A's departmental blog, OHSU Library maintains a general blog, which re-launched earlier this year as Library Notes.

In addition to updates about services, collections, and staff, the blog also contains occasional articles that highlight unique aspects of the library. Last week Karen posted "Nurses Found in the Archives," discussing her recent adventures in developing collections and donor relationships with School of Nursing emerita.