Thursday, August 29, 2013

Updated Hidden Portland guide

In 2009, artist and museum enthusiast Carye Bye featured HC&A in her 2009 book Hidden Portland: Museums & Collections. Many curious visitors to the History of Medicine Room have tracked us down through Carye's book and her Hidden Portland website.

A few months ago, Carye visited for a follow-up meeting and tour. And this week we received a brand-new update to her book, a small pamphlet with a very cute red cover:

Photo source: Hidden Portland

A hole is cut in the cover, through the lens of the magnifying glass, and on the title page underneath is a stamp. I was charmed to see that Carye customized our copy with this 4-cent nursing stamp, which I just learned is a piece of history itself.

It lists information on HC&A, along with several smaller historical collections that the public can visit on our campus. It also lists 38 other small museums and public collections, plus an exhortation to readers to start their own!

New Exhibit: Selected Works of Art and Science - ONPRC Rare Book Collection

I am pleased to announce the upcoming installation of the newest OHSU Historical Collections & Archives exhibit in collaboration with the ONPRC (Oregon National Primate Research Center) Library. The exhibit will be open for viewing on September 1, 2013 in the OHSU Library 3rd floor lobby and will run through December.

The exhibit consists of ten 19th and 20th century books from the ONPRC Library's rare book collection on primatology. Besides the books, there will be an accompanying slide show that will allow the visitor to view many scanned images of drawings and paintings contained within their pages. Alongside the slide show and manuscripts will be three enlarged facsimilies that accentuate the provocative portrayal of primates within their contemporary eras.

You are invited to visit an online exhibit accessible through our Web site and the full array of scanned images that are featured in the OHSU Digital Resources Library are available for viewing via the web, as well.

Our deepest appreciation goes to Denise Urbanski, ONPRC Librarian and co-curator of the exhibit and principal investigator of the grant project that made this all possible and LeGrand Olsen, scanner, graphic designer and co-curator.

The books on exhibit are as follows:

1. Martin, William Charles Linnaeus: The history of the dog : its origin, physical and moral characteristics, and its principal varieties. Bound with A sketch of the history of monkeys. London : Charles Knight & Co., 1845;1848

2. Buhre, Martha E.: Tess: an educated chimpanzee. New York: Saalfield Publishing, 1900

3. Montane, Louis: Un chimpance cubano. Habana: El Siglo XX, 1915

4. Lordat, Jacques: Observations sur quelques points de l’anatomie du singe vert… Paris: Gougon, 1804

5. Keith, Arthur: An introduction to the study of the anthropoid apes. London: Page & Pratt, 1897

6. Friedenthal, Hans Wilhelm Carl : Tierhaaratlas. Jena: G. Fischer, 1911.

7. Jacob, Nicolas Henri: Storia naturale delle scimie. Milano: Presso F. Artaria, 1812

8. Audebert, Jean-Baptiste: Histoire naturelle des singes et des makis. Paris: Desray, 1800

9. Latreille, Pierre Andre: Histoire naturelle des singes, faisant partie de celle des quadrupedes de buffon, présentée sous un ordre, dans lequel les supplémens sont fondus avec le premiere texte; et augmentée de notes d'additions considerables, avec figures, gravées sur des dessins neufs de Barraband. V.1 & V. 2 Paris: F Dufart, 1801

10. Grandidier, Alfred: Histoire physique, naturelle et politique de Madagascar vol iX tome iv atlas 2, Paris, 1875


Monday, August 26, 2013

OHSU History of Medicine Society lecture series - fall 2013 schedule

The OHSU History of Medicine Society lecture series will be in full swing before we know it! Here's the complete lecture for fall:

Friday, October 18, 2013
Kimberly Jensen, Ph.D.
Western Oregon University

Friday, November 15, 2013
Donald Blanchard, M.D.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Nancy Bristow, Ph.D.
University of Puget Sound

All lectures begin with light refreshments at the noon hour in the Old Library.

Lecture titles and further information will follow - Please email us if you'd like to be added to our mailing list for announcements.