Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oral history on race and the nursing profession in Oregon Historical Quarterly

The new issue of Oregon Historical Quarterly includes an exceptional article on Gertrude "Trudy" Rice, one of Oregon's first African-American nurses. The author, Christin L. Hancock, is an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Portland, focusing on gender, race and health in American women's history.

The article includes a transcript of an oral history interview with Rice, as well as Hancock's complex historical analysis of the themes of education and career in in Rice's life story. This is an important read for those interested in the history of nursing and health education in Oregon, especially in relation to race and gender.

Hancock, Christin L. "Trudy Rice's Story: Nursing and Race in Oregon History." Oregon Historical Quarterly 114 (Summer 2013): 204-229

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Saying goodbye to OHSU's 125th anniversary exhibit

Monday was the closing day for "OHSU: 125 Years of Teaching, Healing and Discovery" at Oregon Historical Society. I hope many of our blog readers made it to this terrific exhibit, which was based on research with our collections and highlighted many of our treasures. 

This week HC&A staff will be working with the exhibit curator, Morgen Young, and staff from OHS to pack up artifacts from the exhibit and transport them back home to the hill. We're sad to see the exhibit end, but feel very lucky to have this opportunity to share our history and our collections with a wide audience.