Wednesday, January 16, 2013

OHSU 125th Anniversary Exhibit at Oregon Historical Society

We are just a couple of months away from our flagship event celebrating 125 years of OHSU history: An exhibit at Oregon Historical Society! Since fall, consultant Morgen Young has been working with HC&A, OHSU Strategic Communications, OHS staff, and an advisory committee to curate the exhibit. It will open at Oregon Historical Society in March - watch for more news!

This week, Morgen worked with Karen and Max to review and select artifacts for display in the exhibit. They graciously allowed me to take a few snapshots that hint at the wealth of artifacts in our collections:

 Above: Karen Peterson, Morgen Young, and Max Johnson (l-r) reviewing artifacts

Above: Artifacts gathered in a library meeting room (Max is holding a nursing shoe!)

Above: Tools and equipment, teaching aids, and doctor's bags

 Above: Morgen and Karen inspect artifacts, foregrounded by nurses' uniforms