Tuesday, November 12, 2013

OHSU Oral History Program update

Last week we recorded our third oral history interview with faculty from the School of Nursing's Ashland campus. Our subject was Juliana Cartwright, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the School of Nursing. She was interviewed by Barbara Gaines, R.N., Ed.D., who is Emeritus Professor at the School of Nursing, a nursing historian, and a longtime supporter of our oral history program. It was easy to see why Julie has received so much recognition as a teacher during her career: she is an outstanding storyteller and narrator and brought all her experiences to life.

This session concludes our series of three interviews in support of the Ashland program's current efforts to document their history. Previous interviews were conducted on the campus last September. Each interview will result in an edited DVD and a transcript, which will be available for checkout from the Main Library.  Copies will also be retained in the archives of Southern Oregon University.

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