Thursday, September 12, 2013

The last days of the Samuel L. Diack Science and Engineering Library

The Samuel L. Diack Science and Engineering Library, part of the campus of the former Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, officially closed on June 28 of this year. You can read an appreciation of the library and its staff on the OHSU Library blog. Since the closure, OHSU Library staff have been working to move the  Diack's collections to their new home here on the hill. On a trip to review part of the book collection, I snapped a few photos of the nearly-empty building that houses the library:

Karen and other HC&A staff have also been collaborating with SEL staff to ensure that archival collections and artifacts are preserved - not just records of the library, but of many of the offices and labs that were part of the campus. Unique artwork, photographs, and memorabilia have also made their way to us.

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