Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New oral history transcripts in the DRL

Our volunteer Kathleen has added two new transcripts to our new OHSU Oral History Collection in the Digital Resources Library.

Robert Koler, M.D. was interviewed in 1997. He discussed his education, internship and fellowship at University of Oregon Medical School in the 1940s, notably his work with hematologist Edwin E. Osgood. His later work as a faculty member, researcher, and administrator is also covered, including his role in the development of the Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics.

Charles M. Grossman, M.D. was interviewed in 2008. He discussed his education, his role in the first successful use of penicillin in the U.S., and the challenges and achievements of his long career as a physician, researcher, and activist. Foreign travel is also emphasized. He shares his observations on issues related to public health and social justice.

Transcripts and recordings of interviews from the OHSU Oral History Program are also available for checkout from the Main Library.

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