Thursday, August 29, 2013

Updated Hidden Portland guide

In 2009, artist and museum enthusiast Carye Bye featured HC&A in her 2009 book Hidden Portland: Museums & Collections. Many curious visitors to the History of Medicine Room have tracked us down through Carye's book and her Hidden Portland website.

A few months ago, Carye visited for a follow-up meeting and tour. And this week we received a brand-new update to her book, a small pamphlet with a very cute red cover:

Photo source: Hidden Portland

A hole is cut in the cover, through the lens of the magnifying glass, and on the title page underneath is a stamp. I was charmed to see that Carye customized our copy with this 4-cent nursing stamp, which I just learned is a piece of history itself.

It lists information on HC&A, along with several smaller historical collections that the public can visit on our campus. It also lists 38 other small museums and public collections, plus an exhortation to readers to start their own!

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