Tuesday, August 06, 2013

New oral history transcripts in the DRL

Our volunteer Kathleen has added two new transcripts to our new OHSU Oral History Collection in the Digital Resources Library.

Harold T. Osterud, M.D. was interviewed in 1994.  He described his involvement in the development of public health programs and education in Oregon, and his work in the Crippled Children's Division under Dr. Adolph Weinzirl. Dr. Osterud gives an account of Dr. Weinzirl's life and achievements. He discussed his investigations of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, development of curricula in public health, and recruitment of rural physicians.

George A. Porter, M.D. was interviewed in 2004. He discussed his medical education, the integration of the hospitals into the teaching mission of the medical school,  and his efforts in developing the Division of Nephrology. He talks about the consolidation of the schools in the mid-1970s and compares the administrative styles of Presidents Leonard Laster and Peter Kohler.

Transcripts and recordings of interviews from the OHSU Oral History Program are also available for checkout from the Main Library.

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