Friday, May 24, 2013

Oral history transcripts in the DRL!

Thanks to volunteer Kathleen Feduccia, HC&A has launched a brand new collection in the Digital Resources Library. The OHSU Oral History Collection will provide online access to transcripts from our program. For each interview, Kathleen collates, merges and edits multiple legacy documents into a clean PDF. She then creates metadata so that the interviews are discoverable through online searches.

So far, we have transcripts for 6 interviews available in the DRL. Interview subjects include Rodney Beals, Miles J. Edwards, Peter Goodwin, Herbert E. Griswold, Mark Hatfield, and Isabel McDonald. Look for more in June! 

Further development of the library's digital program will allow us to provide online access to audio and video recordings in the future. Transcripts and recordings of interviews are also available for checkout from the Main Library. 

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