Thursday, July 05, 2012

Grace Phelps images in the Digital Resources Library

After our student assistant, Max Johnson, finished working on the Esther Pohl Lovejoy images now in the Digital Resources Library, he made the excellent suggestion of moving on to images from the Grace Phelps Papers.

Grace Phelps was the subject of our spring 2011 exhibit, which highlighted her command of nursing personnel at Base Hospital 46 in World War I, her role as the first nursing administrator of Doernbecher Hospital, and her many contributions to nursing education. Despite her accomplishments and her importance to the history of our community, we had no images of her in the DRL. Max and Karen are now on a roll and have added new images from the Grace Phelps papers to the DRL, with more on the way.

Above: Grace Phelps with two uniformed men in Langres, France, 1918.

Above: Base Hospital 46, circa 1918

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