Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Charles Dotter and the penguins

Our friends in Alumni Relations at the School of Medicine recently dropped off some bound volumes of alumni newsletters that we'll be adding to our collections. In addition to being reliable sources of information about newsworthy events on campus, these publications are great for fun tidbits about university history. Like, say, the time in 1957 that Charles Dotter helped save Portland Zoo's penguins.

Using radiology techniques he had pioneered, Dotter and his staff x-rayed 29 penguins to determine which had been infected with life-threatening aspergillosis fungus. I snapped a quick photo of the full article, below:

Karen wrote more about Dotter's work with penguins in a 2010 blog post. Dotter is also well-known for  x-raying another Portland Zoo inhabitant, Rosie the elephant.

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