Friday, February 17, 2012

Adolph Weinzirl's two-tone shoes

Last year I helped a researcher who was interested in Dr. Adolph Weinzirl, formerly chair of the university's public health program. She remarked that on a previous visit, she'd seen a photograph of Dr. Weinzirl "wearing two-tone shoes." I found many images of Dr. Weinzirl, but none showing particularly distinctive footwear. Fortunately we had plenty of other suitable images for her project.

Just the other day, while I was researching the history of the library, I found this, hiding in plain sight in the DRL:

That's Dr. Weinzirl at far right, of course. He and his colleagues are relaxing in what was once the Physicians' Reading Room (note the smoke stand), and is now a meeting room in the Old Library. I got back in touch with our researcher, who was delighted to see it again.

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