Thursday, June 23, 2011

"The Hunt" is On!

You may remember our posts about the scavenger hunt taking place here in the Medical Museum of the Oregon Health & Science University. Well, we've got an opening!

"The Hunt" exhibit reception is on July 7, 2011 and will run through July 27th at the Oregon College of Art and Craft Hoffman Gallery.

Come on. Have a look.

Stories from the Clippings

Moms! Bring your Kids in for Testing!

"Ice-Box Escape Studies Lead to New Standard"

When I read this piece, I was not sure I was reading it correctly. It seemed too strange to be true; but you know what they say about truth.

The article reads: "Washinton, D. C. - Infrared studies of children inside simulated refrigerators showed that they usually tried to escape by pushing on the door or turning a door-knob. The result: a new U. S. Department of Commerce safety standard requiring that all new household refrigerators crossing state lines 15 months hence be equipped with a device that opens the door from inside by outward pressure or turning of a knob. Of 201 children spied on in the tests, three-fourths were out in less than three minutes and a third of these in under 10 seconds."

Oh... these were simulated refrigerators. For a minute I thought they were closing them in real refrigerators. That makes me feel better?

Scope Weekly - May 15, 1957

(Some 1957 kids never tested in simulated refrigerators)