Monday, December 05, 2011

OHSU Oral History Program - interviews with Dr. Richard Mullins and Dr. Brian Druker

Last Wednesday we kicked off production of two exciting new additions to the OHSU Oral History Program:

Richard J. Mullins, M.D.
was interviewed by Don D. Trunkey, M.D. Dr. Mullins discussed his mentors and role models, his role in developing the Oregon trauma care system, and his military service during the Iraq War. He and Dr. Trunkey also had an insightful, theoretical discussion about the future of trauma care.

Brian Druker, M.D. was interviewed by Edward J. Keenan, Ph.D. It was fascinating to learn the personal story behind Dr. Druker's revolutionary research in oncology. We learned about his motivation to pursue cancer research, his decision to leave the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for OHSU, and the development of the pathbreaking drug Gleevec.

Many thanks to the interviewees for sharing their experiences so openly and thoughtfully, to the interviewers for their engaged and informed questions, and to all for taking time out of their busy schedules to contribute to this program.

Our friends at Pacific Standard Television will complete production of the video interviews, and then they're off to the transcriptionist. Then it's back to the library to be processed for our collections. Completed transcripts will be available from HC&A upon request. DVDs of the interviews, along with indexed transcripts, will be processed for the OHSU Main Library's collection. Please see our Website for a complete inventory and index of interviews completed for the OHSU Oral History Program.

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