Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hippocrates in the classroom

It's the beginning of the academic year here at OHSU. I'm excited about participating in my first full year of the School of Medicine's History of Medicine I course. The course is led by Dr. Lynn Loriaux and coordinated by Dr. Peter Sullivan, but also features guest lecturers from throughout the university. It's a classic history of medicine course, beginning with Asclepius in September, and ending with in June.

It's also an outstanding opportunity to bring rare books into the classroom. Following in Sara's footsteps, each week I select one or more books from our collections to share with the class.

Here's what I'll be bringing to class for tomorrow's lecture on Hippocrates:

Hippocrates. Hippocratis Coi Aphorismi graece & latine ; breui enarratione, fidáque interpretatione ita illustrati, vt ab omnibus facilè intelligi possint. Lvgdvni Batavorum: ex officina Ioannis Maire, 1638.

This is a small book of about 16mo size, printed in Leiden, the Netherlands. You can read more about the provenance of our copy in Karen's post from this time last year.

For most of the M.D.s-to-be in this class, this will be their first experience with a rare book. It's always fun to help students with their first hands-on encounter with history!

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