Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A VIP visits!

left to right: Arne Solberg, Richard Farnsworth, M. Lowell Edwards

Last week, I was treated to a visit from an important figure in the development of the Starr-Edwards heart valve. Through his research on M. Lowell Edwards, Rich Mullins, MD met Arne Solberg, a retired machinist who worked for Edwards. Dr. Mullins brought Mr. Solberg and his wife to the HOM Room last Wednesday, where we viewed the Dobbs collection of valve prototypes, and collected Mr. Solberg's first-hand accounts of working on the valves. As a highly skilled machinist, Mr. Solberg was instrumental to the successful development and production of this groundbreaking medical technology.

Mr. Solberg spoke fondly of everyone involved in the process, noting that the team shared a commitment to the highest standards of quality, as well as a spirit of innovation. In the 1961 photograph above, Arne Solberg is shown testing valves with engineer Richard Farnsworth and Lowell Edwards.

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