Friday, August 05, 2011

A Loss to our Community

Dr. Charles Grossman and Dr. Joy Spaulding, great friends of HC&A, both reported to me this week that Dr. Rudi Nussbaum passed away after a fall while on a trip to the Nussbaum's home country of Holland.

An article and a video of Dr. Nussbaum are posted here. The article reads: "Professor Nussbaum was an avowed pacifist and Holocaust survivor and an expert on the effects of radiation exposure. Longtime friend, Lloyd Marbet writes: 'his work as a Professor Emeritus of Physics and Environmental Science at Portland State University was instrumental in raising alarm over the health effects of radiation exposure. He wrote mumerous papers on this subject and participated in gathering valuable information on workers and civilians that were exposed to radiation at Hanford and in surrounding communities, for which he became a vocal advocate for environmental justice. He helped bring the famous epidemiologist, Alice Stewart, to Portland and promoted her life story."

Dr. Grossman, and Dr. Nussbaum were colleagues and worked together on projects related to the ill effects of radiation exposure and served with the organization, Physicians for Social Responsiblity, but they were also the best of friends. At Drs. Grossman and Spaulding's invitation, we (Maija and I) were seated at their table at the annual dinner of the Oregon chapter of the PSR this past spring. I was lucky enough to have found myself dining next to Dr. Nussbaum and his wife. I found them charming, energetic and eager to share their history.

It is true that the community and the world has lost a strong advocate for a nuclear weapons free world and he will sorely be missed but his legacy lives on.

If you would like to know more about PSR and would like to stand up (against nuclear armament) and be heard, this Sunday the PSR is hosting an event on the Portland Waterfront just north of the Saturday Market to commemorate the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. There will be entertainment, guest speakers and origami workshops. And learn how you can become "1 More 4 Zero".

Oh, and by the way, just in case you're interested, we have the audio-tapes of Alice Stewart which Dr. Nussbaum and Alice donated directly and some very interesting related materials, as well.

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