Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New acquisitions: Works by Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D.

I'm very pleased to announce that we recently acquired two works by Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D.

Blackwell, Elizabeth. Essays in Medical Sociology. London: Bell, 1902.

Blackwell, Elizabeth. Counsel to Parents on the Moral Education of Their Children. New York: Brentano's Literary Emporium, 1879.

Dr. Blackwell is famous as the first woman to graduate from a U.S. medical school (Geneva Medical College, 1849). Over 160 years later, OHSU's School of Medicine can now proudly note that women make up a little over half of its student body. I'm looking forward to sharing Dr. Blackwell's books with some of them. Both books are being added to our History of Medicine Collection, strengthening this collection's representation of women physicians.


Laura Z said...

I'm so excited about this acquisition! I remember learning about Elizabeth Blackwell as a child and the impression it made. This is great to have these as part of our collection!

Maija said...

I'm excited too! I'm so glad we could add both of these to the collection. Stop by sometime if you want to take a peek at them!