Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I Found it in the DRL

For the past week I have been creating a list of items in the Medical Museum. Most of the list is composed of hyperlinks to the DRL (Digital Resources Library), matching the digital record with the accession and box location. The great part is that making this list is like going through a crash course on what OHSU has in its museum collections. This week I would like to present a link to the DRL and a little background on the piece. Click on the image to see the record in the DRL.

What you see here are Japanese Nelaton catheters. These catheters are from the portion of the collection that contains many items from World War II, including flags, field kits, and medicines. “Nelaton” refers to the famous French physician and surgeon who developed a technique for locating bullets called “Nelaton’s probe.”

Catheters in general can be used for a variety of “draining” procedures including blood, kidney fluid, drainage from an abscess, and the most common use; in draining the bladder.

These catheters are constructed from red rubber and are kept in the original Japanese case, black with red text.

-- Max Johnson, HC&A Student Assistant

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