Thursday, July 28, 2011

From the DRL

This week I have a few images to share from the DRL and from our collection of scanned images. In the last few weeks I have been creating a list of museum objects and then working on cleaning up some of our digital object metadata.

The first image is seriously cute. A picture of 3 of Doernbecher’s patients on the outside area from circa 1926 – 1956 (I am thinking earlier, rather than later of the range). I like to refer to this gathering as a “meeting,” especially since the way they are standing gives off an impression of serious debate being conducted. The center patient’s chair is simply fantastic.

The second picture was one found while cleaning up digital object naming conventions. It shows two men determining the blood pressure of a horse using a long hollow pole, dated approximately 1700’s. It brings to mind how much medical science and procedures have changed in the past 300 years.

For a sense of context, here is a blood pressure measuring device from the 1920-30’s

Compare that to the common blood pressure meter of today and it is amazing how far equipment has come in terms of comfort for the patient.

Images in the DRL can be searched from anywhere. We have many more images in our Historical Images Collection and in the various archival collections. If you ever need a certain image, send us an email, we’ll see what we can find.

-- Max Johnson, HC&A Student Assistant

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