Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christmas in July

This morning Max brought over an extra heaping helping of mail to the HOM Room. There were no fewer than four packages addressed to me, each containing new additions to HC&A collections!

-- Two CDs and a DVD, sent from somewhere on campus and mysteriously labeled. Provenance thus far undetermined. What could they be?

-- A stack of files from our friends in Community Relations, who do an amazing job of getting their departmental records to the archives, and are also all-around champs at connecting us to others on campus who need our help.

-- A copy of Thomas Hillier's Hand-Book of Skin Diseases for Students and Practitioners (Philadelphia: Blanchard and Lea, 1865), deaccessioned from a colleague's library. We're happy to give it a new home, becoming the only library in the Pacific Northwest to hold this title.

-- A giant box of books deaccessioned from yet another library. I am completely floored by their generosity and haven't even unpacked the box yet. But I already know that it contains 2 volumes of Rudolf Virchow!

Between these donations and yesterday's gift of medical artifacts from Dr. Carpentieri, this has been an outstanding week for collection development. Now, to get to writing some thank-you notes!

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